Rules for Computer Workstation Use

Thirteen computers are available in the library for public use.

Microsoft Office Suite, the Internet and the library catalog are available on these computers. Staff will provide assistance as necessary and as time permits. Computer users must sign in at the circulation desk prior to logging on. All users are responsible for damage to library hardware or software and for compliance with the library use policy.

General Use:
All patrons must sign in before using any of the library's public access computers. A parent/guardian must sign in for any child eight (8) years of age or younger. If a parent/guardian is signing in for more than one child who is eight (8) or younger, the parent/guardian is signing in to have all the children share one computer. The parent/guardian of any child eight (8) years of age or younger must provide supervision for that child while he/she is using the library computers. Supervision is defined as sitting beside the child and monitoring the child's behavior to ensure compliance with computer regulations and safety of the child. Children are not to be left unattended in the library.

Patrons are required to read library policy on computer use posted at the circulation desk. Internet Access Policy (Internet Access Policy doc).

Patrons are expected to refrain from any activities that might damage or alter the machines, programs, stored files, and operating files. Patrons will be responsible for paying the costs of repairs to the hardware and software if their actions caused the damage.

Three public access computers are filtered by the Microsoft Office Internet content filter and are for adult use only. The other public access computers are filtered by a content filter. These are available for use by children and adults. The two computers in the children's area are for children (over age 8) and/or adults accompanied by a child.

Time Limits:
Computer use will be limited to 30 minute blocks if others are waiting. The wireless network is unlimited. Use of the computer will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Library staff reserves the right to prioritize patron's needs and allot time accordingly.

Access to Programs:
Patrons are limited to programs and files approved for public use. Any incursions into private library files or programs will result in loss of computer privileges. If such an intrusion occurs accidentally, patrons must inform library staff immediately.

Saving Files:
Patrons may not save material to the hard drive or to the desktop. Files may be saved to CDs or flash drives brought from home. Discs can be purchased in the library at $1.00 per disc. All computers are equipped with a USB cable in the front of each station for thumb/flash drives. No changes can be made to computer settings at any time, including program downloads.

Cost for printing is $0.25 per page for black/white and color. Please check with the Circulation Desk for custom and special printing needs.

Internet Access:
Patrons must request permission from the library staff before attempting to download any files from the Internet. If in the staff member's opinion downloading will take an excessive amount of time, permission will be refused.

Please see the Lower Macungie Library Internet Access Policy (Internet Access Policy Doc) for more information regarding Internet use. To use the public wireless service, please be familiar with the Internet Access Policy and the Public Wireless Internet Access Policy .
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