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Expansion Project

The time has come! Construction is underway!

The Lower Macungie Township Board of Commissioners has undertaken a significant expansion of the Township’s Community Center. Recognizing that the Library contributes immensely to the community’s quality of life, the Commissioners approved an expansion of the Library as part of the plan.
An additional 4,400 square feet will be added to the Library that will house our Children’s Wing. The additional space affords larger classes for our children’s programming.
Moving the children’s area out of the current space will bring two meeting rooms for public use. The rooms will be open for quiet study and tutoring. Adult programs will be scheduled in these rooms.
The purpose for adding these areas is simple…our patrons want quiet space and areas to meet and collaborate.
The project will take months and there may be some inconvenience to you, our patrons. It will all be worth it when you see how the Library is transformed!
We want to keep the public and you, our patrons, updated on construction progress. We will endeavor to add pictures and weekly updates.


This is Suzy Q, our project manager. She will keep us informed with the latest updates.

4-11-18 Update
Remember Carole King’s “I feel the earth move under my feet?” The earth is not moving under my feet but it surely is outside. Yes! The detention pond is underway! The electrical work in the quiet study/finance office will wrap up this week and painting of both rooms is scheduled for Tuesday. Work will begin on the multi-purpose room mid-May (and should be completed in 2 months).

4-5-18 Update
Not much to report. The carpet from the Quiet Study area was removed as scheduled. Stone from the exterior of the building is being removed today.

3-28-18 Update
There is good news! The windows are in the quiet study room and finance office. The drywall is ready for painting. The old carpet in these rooms will be removed on Tuesday. Some stone from the back of the Library has also been removed. Now that the permit arrived, outside work should start soon!

3-15-18 Update
Today is the day – we have our “formal” groundbreaking!
The drywall in the meeting room and finance office should be done today. Unfortunately, no earth will be moving for a while. However, we are still hopeful that the work in the Library will be completed by December. Who ever said that big construction projects go on without a hitch?

3-6-18 Update
We’ll start to see earth moving next week. Yeah! Some equipment has already arrived. Inside work – once the electric is complete and inspected, the drywall will be installed.
If you haven’t see the Furniture Plan and renderings, please check it out. Thanks to Tanner Furniture and Spillman Farmer for their work in providing us with these renderings.

2-9-18 Update
Electrical work is pretty much complete. HVAC is here this week (it will be noisy and at times smelly due to cutting and welding).

1-31-18 Update
Framing for the drywall is complete. Plumbers are here today adjusting the sprinkler heads. Electrical is scheduled to be onsite Thursday. Next week HVAC will begin their work.

1-24-18 Update
Framing for the walls will be completed this week. The noise should stop for a while. The electrical contractor will begin work soon. Once completed, the drywall will be installed.

1-17-18 Update
The framing for the walls is being installed this week followed by the dry wall. The area is starting to take shape. I don’t have a construction schedule yet. The general contractor is finishing it and then it goes to the subcontractors.

1-10-18 Update
The framing and dry wall for the quiet study/meeting room will be installed next week. So, it might be a bit more noisy than now. They hope to do some or most of the cutting outdoors. The excitement continues to build!!






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