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Expansion Project

Let the Transformation Begin! 
The library will be closed starting January 21, 2019 for the final phase of construction and will reopen February 25, 2019 

What you need to know…

Not only are we moving the children’s collection to the new area, we are also going through some changes in our current space. You will be thrilled to see how we will transform our current space in addition to the new children’s wing

1. We will be closed for 5 weeks, starting January 21.
2. There will be no access to the collection.
3. Please keep checked out items until we open on February 25th. *The book drop will be locked – no items will be accepted starting January 21st through February 25th.
4. We ask that you check out enough items (see below). No items are due during this closed period.
6. Interlibrary Loan service requests for 2019 will start Wednesday, February 27th.
7. Programming for both adults and children will not be scheduled until after we reopen.

Starting January 2nd, checkout limits will be increased to the following:
Up to 10 new items (books, audiobooks, DVDs, etc.)
Up to 10 DVDs
Up to 10 AudioBooks
Up to 10 Magazines
Up to 10 Children’s Nonfiction books 
Up to 10 Adult Nonfiction books 
Up to 10 CDs
Up to 4 Puzzles
There is no limit on Children’s and Adult Fiction

Questions? Please call us or stop in.

The time has come! Construction is underway!

The Lower Macungie Township Board of Commissioners has undertaken a significant expansion of the Township’s Community Center. Recognizing that the Library contributes immensely to the community’s quality of life, the Commissioners approved an expansion of the Library as part of the plan.
An additional 4,400 square feet will be added to the Library that will house our Children’s Wing. The additional space affords larger classes for our children’s programming.
Moving the children’s area out of the current space will bring two meeting rooms for public use. The rooms will be open for quiet study and tutoring. Adult programs will be scheduled in these rooms.
The purpose for adding these areas is simple…our patrons want quiet space and areas to meet and collaborate.
The project will take months and there may be some inconvenience to you, our patrons. It will all be worth it when you see how the Library is transformed!
We want to keep the public and you, our patrons, updated on construction progress. We will endeavor to add pictures and weekly updates.


This is Suzy Q, our project manager. She’ll keep us informed with the latest updates.

1-17-19 Update
Starting Monday we will be closed until February 18. Patrons have been stocking up on DVDs and books since we announced our closing. We had a furniture and fixture sale on Saturday. Anything that is not library related is gone! We have raised $3,106.35 from the sale.

Be sure to follow our Facebook page – each Tuesday (Transformation Tuesday), Lisa, our Youth Services Director, is highlighting a “teaser” from the new area. Today she posted a video of the current library.

Save the Date for our Open House on Saturday, March 2 – details will follow.

I believe that this will be my last construction update. Thanks to all! It’s been quite the journey….

11-7-18 Update
The end is near or should I say – our beginning is soon!!! We learned yesterday that our new quarters should be ready by early February. It’s amazing how far we have come since September. Soon we will be meeting with the contractor, our vendors and the mover to formulate a plan for the transition. We aren’t sure when we will be closed. Stay tuned.

9-18-18 Update
Good News to share! The roof is on and framing of the children’s wing is underway despite the arrival of “Florence.” Our new tables and chairs for the quiet study/meeting room arrived last week. It’s soooo exciting to see things take shape. Some work has been done inside in the area of the new multi-purpose room.

8-23-18 Update
Oh my! It’s been 3 weeks since I sent my last update. Concrete will be poured on Tuesday. Be sure to check out construction photos below.

8-2-18 Update
Wow – where does the time go! I realize that I never sent out an update last week. But then, there was really nothing to report. That’s pretty much for this week too. We learned on Tuesday that despite the weather, they are two days ahead with outside work! The electricians and HVAC crews are working both outside and inside.

7-12-18 Update
We are starting to see progress outside! During the next two weeks, underground plumbing and conduit should be completed. Contractors is hoping to pour floor slab before July 26th.

6-28-18 Update
It’s another busy week outside. The masons are working quickly laying cinder block. The HVAC people are working on the system and this has caused a drastic drop in temperatures inside the library. Please be prepared to wear layers here, it’s chilly!

6-14-18 Update
Good News! Footers will be put in next week and masons will start work the following week. Work on the “temporary” wall continues. We have been having good use of the Study/Local History Room. With summer reading in full swing, it will even be busier.

5-31-18 Update
The building is shaking as I speak. I took a look outside and it’s a roller going over the dirt. It sounds and feels like a helicopter is landing. This is progress – good progress. The doors for the quiet study room and finance office have arrived and will be installed next week. Thanks to LMT Maintenance Crew, our Local History wall book case was installed this morning. More furniture has been moved to the storage units to prepare for the next phase of construction.

5-24-18 Update
The temporary wall near the Youth Services office is being built for the Meeting Room construction. We held two adult programs last week in the new quiet study room. A TV is being installed this morning in the quiet study room. We have tables and chairs for patrons to use until June 7 when Quiet Study will become “Summer Reading Central.”

5-11-18 Update
Good News! The wall enclosing the Quiet Study area came down, the carpeting is in and the last set of shelving (Adult Fiction) is being packed and ready to move. All the children’s picture books are in the periodical area and Easy Readers are near the Circulation Desk book drop. We’re still waiting on lights in the quiet study room. Lastly, the TV for the quiet study room should be installed late next week.

5-4-18 Update
This week’s report is one of completion! The painters are finished. The new windows washed. The new area vacuumed. We are all anticipating the temporary wall coming down early next week. Carpet installers are confirmed for Thursday. The big move starts Thursday too. I guess we could say Phase I is almost complete!!

4-26-18 Update
Quiet study/finance office update:
• painting starts tomorrow or Monday.
• The wall comes down starting May 7 (after the book sale).
• Carpet is scheduled for installation on May 10.
• Baseboard for heating installation is May 14.
• Doors, light fixtures, and TV installation – to be announced.

Moving update:
• May 10th and 11th – the Adult Fiction, Chinese, Biography and Young Adult collections are being moved and will have limited to no access during this time. Once moving is complete, a temporary wall will be erected so   work can begin on the multi-purpose room.
• Children’s picture books will shift to the periodical sitting area.
• Tables and chairs will be placed up front for tutors and folks just wanting to read or work.
• The new finance office will be a temporary reading room and the quiet study room will be used for programs.

4-20-18 Update
Site work continues on the outside. We have some visitors. The geese have moved in the pond! No digging for the building yet. Next week we hope to have the quiet study/finance office painted. The carpet installers should be here sometime the week of May 7.

4-11-18 Update
Remember Carole King’s “I feel the earth move under my feet?” The earth is not moving under my feet but it surely is outside. Yes! The detention pond is underway! The electrical work in the quiet study/finance office will wrap up this week and painting of both rooms is scheduled for Tuesday. Work will begin on the multi-purpose room mid-May (and should be completed in 2 months).

4-5-18 Update
Not much to report. The carpet from the Quiet Study area was removed as scheduled. Stone from the exterior of the building is being removed today.

3-28-18 Update
There is good news! The windows are in the quiet study room and finance office. The drywall is ready for painting. The old carpet in these rooms will be removed on Tuesday. Some stone from the back of the Library has also been removed. Now that the permit arrived, outside work should start soon!

3-15-18 Update
Today is the day – we have our “formal” groundbreaking!
The drywall in the meeting room and finance office should be done today. Unfortunately, no earth will be moving for a while. However, we are still hopeful that the work in the Library will be completed by December. Who ever said that big construction projects go on without a hitch?

3-6-18 Update
We’ll start to see earth moving next week. Yeah! Some equipment has already arrived. Inside work – once the electric is complete and inspected, the drywall will be installed.
If you haven’t see the Furniture Plan and renderings, please check it out. Thanks to Tanner Furniture and Spillman Farmer for their work in providing us with these renderings.

2-9-18 Update
Electrical work is pretty much complete. HVAC is here this week (it will be noisy and at times smelly due to cutting and welding).

1-31-18 Update
Framing for the drywall is complete. Plumbers are here today adjusting the sprinkler heads. Electrical is scheduled to be onsite Thursday. Next week HVAC will begin their work.

1-24-18 Update
Framing for the walls will be completed this week. The noise should stop for a while. The electrical contractor will begin work soon. Once completed, the drywall will be installed.

1-17-18 Update
The framing for the walls is being installed this week followed by the dry wall. The area is starting to take shape. I don’t have a construction schedule yet. The general contractor is finishing it and then it goes to the subcontractors.

1-10-18 Update
The framing and dry wall for the quiet study/meeting room will be installed next week. So, it might be a bit more noisy than now. They hope to do some or most of the cutting outdoors. The excitement continues to build!!

Check out some photos!






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