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Hostgator Reseller Coupon Code

Over the pass three years reviewing hostgator web hosting, we really understand hostgator quit well. Written over 300 review articles for hostgator.com, and ten of articles are covering reviews for reseller plan. When comparing hostgator reseller plan with other competitor reseller plan, obviously you will find out that hostgator reseller plan is always leading ahead.

For some web host, you will find out their reseller packages is not being updated for years, and that is one abandon products to them. Not with hostgator, they are expert in designing reseller web hosting plan, they truly understand what a reseller need and delivers them the best quality product. Off course, by creating 5 reseller packages to choose from and upgrade to, serve the purpose. But when you go through the features and spec, you will find out that its a turn-key reseller system designed for anyone, with or without experience, and anyone can start selling their web hosting services online instantly by today & right now!

For beginners,  you can start selling web hosting services and offering website hosting to your customer, via hostgator reseller hosting. Get started with hostgator aluminum reseller plan, its very affordable and offering unlimited domains creation, you can create as many accounts as you like. You are given 50Gb storage space, split it to number of accounts you going to sell. Here is a quit example, split your reseller plan into 500MB per account, and you will get to create 100 accounts. Sell your hosting plan for $5 dollars per month, and for 100 account to sell, you will get to earn $500 dollars per month. How much it cost you is just $24.95/mo and nothing more.

Note that hostgator reseller plan is together with billing system that allows you to bill your client and receive payment, and there is 4500+ free website templates to be provided to your clients, they will love it and encourage to sign up with you.

Every reseller will asked, who will provide support to the customer. This is a very good question, for reseller account issue you can get assistant from hostgator support team, and for customer accounts issue you can help them to resolve it. WHM and cpanel is very reliable website control panel, its user-friendly and is the best control panel to have, and off-course it is maintenance free too. Searching for cpanel help is very easy online, and you can look for answer via hostgator forum as well. Plus, host gator reseller plan is with reliable hosting server and they are great in offering quality services, downtime is rare and too little to effect your business. What type of support you expect to give them? We can’t think of any! That’s the real advantage to choose hostgator reseller plan!

Before you kick-start your web hosting business, we want to give you 20% off your new hostgator reseller plan with this hostgator reseller coupon code. Note that this is one time discount on hostgator reseller plan, either you choose the basic plan or most advance plan, you are entitle for the discount once only. For this reason, we want you to choose the best host gator reseller plan right the way!

For hostgator reseller aluminum plan, you can choose to signup 24 months right the way, enter the hostgator reseller coupon code  and get another 20% discount on your total price $598. That is $120 dollars discount at the end, and you are paying less than $500 dollars for 2 years reseller hosting. From previous calculation, you can profit $500 per month from this plan, and 24 months will be $12000 in total, minus the $500/2 annual hosting cost, you will end with $11,750 profit per year! That’s why webmaster are venturing into reselling web hosting services, its a great business and guarantee a huge profit!


If you think you can go further with website hosting business, why not go ahead and signup with the silver plan directly? It give you more discount, $240 dollars discount off when you use the same hostgator reseller coupon code for 20% discount . Below is the screenshot when we signup for hostgator silver reselling plan.


Unless you are going very serious in this, you can go for the highest reseller plan from hostgator.com. Its with 200GB storage space, and if allocate 500MB per account, you can split it into 400 accounts, each selling for $50/yr for example. There will be $20,000 in sales per year. How much it costing you is just one thousand dollars per year! Remember to activate the hostgator coupon code  for 20% instant discount , that is over $479.76 dollars in discount, the biggest discount from hostgator hosting!


There are few hostgator reseller coupon codes that you can use for discount, and we had done our homework and compare them one after another. The hostgator coupon HGC20 is better than the hostgator coupon SPRING, this HGC20 give the best discount on shared hosting plan, reseller, vps and dedicated server. And yes, finally there is one coupon code that is better than the default SPRING coupon code!





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