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Book Cart Drills: Holiday Edition

Happy Friday and happy holidays!

In case you missed it, book cart drills are a real thing.  You read that right!  Across this wonderful country librarians are choreographing synchronized routines using book carts and participating in competitions.  Just in time for the holidays, the San Jose State University King Library put out this awesome video, complete with Santa hats and holiday trimmings on the carts!

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Build A Better World

This summer the adult program theme here at Lower Macungie Library is Build A Better World.  Throughout the summer, this blog will follow this theme with a series of posts relating to this in various ways.  Today we’ll look at how a unique way of recycling helped build a better world in Colombia.  20 years ago… Continue Reading

A Car Wash for Books

When thinking of libraries of old, most people imagine dusty books sitting upon shelves.  But if you’ve visited a library recently you know that that is most definitely not true anymore!  Thanks to a piece of technological advancement, books are minimally dusty these days, especially in the Boston Public Library.  The BPL describes the Depulvera… Continue Reading

Unusual Libraries Around the World

Happy Friday and welcome to the third part of our “Library Lovers Month” series!  We’ve looked at the “Most Beautiful Libraries in the World,” “The Most Modern Libraries Around the World,” and today we’ll see some of the most weird and unique libraries around the world!  Some of these awesome libraries include donkeys, vending machines,… Continue Reading

Most Modern Libraries Around the World

Happy Friday!  Last week we looked at the “Most Beautiful Libraries in the World.”  Today, in our continuation of “Library Lovers Month” series, here are some of the most beautifully modern libraries around the world.  This article by Homedit focuses on libraries with modern architecture, while this article by Ebook Friendly uses the term “modern”… Continue Reading

Pokemon Go!

By now you’ve probably heard of the phenomenon Pokémon Go!  Pokémon Go “is an augmented reality game — it mixes real-world elements with the game.”  Most book stores and libraries are either “PokeGyms” or “PokeStops” and of course they are making the most out of this!  These two articles show how some bookstores have hilariously… Continue Reading

Overdue Library Books

Have you ever returned a library book late?  Chances are if you did you may have owed a few cents on it.  Well that’s nothing compared to this library book from a New Jersey library that was returned 41 years late!  The librarians calculated that at their current rate of 15 cents a day, the… Continue Reading

A Brief History of Taking Books Along for the Ride

With e-readers and e-books it’s easier now more than ever to carry lots of books with you wherever you go.  But “taking books along for the ride” has been a tradition for hundreds of years.  This article by the Smithsonian Magazine highlights some pictures and key “traveling libraries” throughout the years.  Whatever year it is,… Continue Reading





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