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Pennsylvania Forward

When you visit the library, you see PA Forward logos, “Literacy is Power” posters and our staff wearing “Literacy is Power” t-shirts. As you drop off your books, you notice a certificate designating Lower Macungie Library as a “Silver Star Library”. What does this all mean?

PA Forward/Pennsylvania Libraries is an initiative of the Pennsylvania Library Association (of which LML is a member). The program was created to give voice to our communities how libraries have become the community centers of information, technology, and learnings, which fuels educational and economic opportunity for all citizens.

As the Pennsylvania Library Association writes, “Libraries are no longer just buildings that house books. Today’s libraries are agile institutions serving real-life needs. They hold the key to powering progress and elevating the quality of life through Basic Literacy, Information Literacy, Civic and Social Literacy, Health Literacy and Financial Literacy.”  What does this mean for our library? The initiative encourages us to look at our programs and services in a different light. Are we providing programs and services that benefit our community? Do we provide programs and services to foster life-long learning, and workforce development?

Our message to our community is this…. We provide a vital community service that positively impacts our residents. How? Through our many programs and resources, Lower Macungie Library encourages literacy from cradle to grave. Children’s programming focuses on basic literacy skills, instilling a love of reading and learning in the youngest of participants. Teens meet in a safe environment where they can explore the world, achieve academic success and prepare for a successful future. Adults of all ages can access information to grow professionally and personally and can connect with other community members.

According to a 2006, statewide survey of Pennsylvania concluded that for every $10 invested in public libraries, $55 is returned to Pennsylvania taxpayers.  If public libraries did not exist, the study said, the economic loss to our communities across the Commonwealth would total nearly $1.34 billion. That’s 5.5 times what is dedicated annuals in local, state, and federal taxes for public libraries.

So the next time you stop in, check on our progress as a PA Forward Library as we work toward a gold star!

Liver Awareness Month, Part 2

  Happy Friday!  Last week I talked about Jen and Greg’s amazing story.  For those who missed it- On November 2nd, Greg will be donating part of his liver to Jen.  Jen has been suffering with a malfunctioning liver for many years, and this year has been especially difficult for her.  When Greg found out… Continue Reading

Jen and Greg-Your Librarians

October is National Liver Awareness Month and this is extremely timely here at Lower Macungie Library this year.  You all know Greg and Jen as friendly faces at our Circulation Desk. On November 2nd, Greg will be donating part of his liver to Jen.  Jen has been suffering with a malfunctioning liver for many years,… Continue Reading

The Library of Congress

As you may have noticed, LML was closed last Friday, June 3 for a Staff Development Day. 10 members of the LML Staff went to Washington, DC and toured the White House and The Library of Congress.  The Library of Congress was an absolutely amazing building to visit!  The library itself has a fascinating history,… Continue Reading

Happy National Library Week!

National Library Week 2016 ends this Saturday and it’s safe to say that it sure has been a success!  The very first National Library Week was celebrated on March 16-22, 1958 and the theme was “Wake up and Read for a Better-Read Better-Informed America.”  This year’s was “Libraries Transform” and it was so applicable, more… Continue Reading

The Freedom to Read

Happy National Library Week! For the past few weeks, this blog has featured its first mini-series, looking at the rights and freedoms Libraries across America (including Lower Macungie Library!) guarantee you, and stand for. Wrapping up this series is the Freedom to Read Statement, a Statement largely written by the American Library Association, but endorsed… Continue Reading





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